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CIDSE Strategic Framework – Thriving in our Common Home

CIDSE Strategic Framework 2023 – 2028

CIDSE is pleased to publish its new Strategic Framework ‘Thriving in our common home, which outlines the network’s strategic direction and priorities from 2023 to 2028. 

This new framework was built on the positive experience and learnings from the previous Strategic Framework 2016-2021, “Acting for transformation for a just and sustainable world”, which accompanied CIDSE and its 18 member organisations for the past 6 years. A collective reflection and dreaming process led to the drafting of this new strategy which outlines the path we want to set out on, focused on justice for people and the planet,  in a highly shifting world around us. 

In the next 5 years, CIDSE will defend and engage in multilateral spaces of governance, upholding and strengthening its human rights-based approach, promoting access and participation by communities and by excluded voices to decision-making spaces of power. What we will promote are sustainable, practical, realistic alternatives to growth and overconsumption, capable of letting us live on this planet in dignity, solidarity, and in peace. 

The first part of the document refers to “Where we are” and highlights CIDSE’s starting point, including “Who is CIDSE”, “What CIDSE does” and our values;  

The second part focuses on “Where we want to go” and outlines the new CIDSE strategy and working areas. The ultimate and long-term outcomes as well as the CIDSE systemic change approach are fully explained in this section;  

While the third and last part refers to “How we want to get there” and more specifically to the transformation of our ways of working and our organisational coherence. 

This document equips CIDSE and its members with the right tools to advocate for a systemic change away from the dominant values and frameworks that structure and influence our current way of life, towards values and frameworks that recognise human dignity, equity, social justice and the respect of nature as the moral and spiritual foundations of our society. 

In a short video, CIDSE partners from Brazil and Burkina Faso share reflections on their collaboration with CIDSE under the new strategic framework:

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