Gender Equality: CIDSE’s Understanding and Definition

Written by  CIDSE

Gender Equality: CIDSE’s Understanding and Definition
02 March 2015

Gender Equality: CIDSE's Understanding and Definition - Standing for the equal dignity of women and men
CIDSE discussion paper, December 2014 (available in EN/DE/ES/FR)

This note aims at providing a definition of the concept of gender on the one hand, and of gender equality on the other hand, from the perspective of CIDSE and in the context of our development cooperation work.

Our thinking is fully inspired by the values of Catholic Social Teaching rooted in the centrality of human dignity, the hopes and experiences of poor communities. Our mission is to promote social justice and global solidarity by challenging global structural injustices and addressing the root causes of poverty and injustice.

Our definition leans upon CIDSE Member Organisations' (MOs) understanding, approaches and policy positions and strategies on gender and gender equality. As Catholic development organisations engaged in working with and lobbying international and regional multilateral institutions in alliance with other development organisations - faith-based or secular - we also share and are supportive of some of the language and definitions used in the international arena.