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CIDSE’s activities in the run up to the Third UN Financing for Development Conference

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CIDSE is planning a series of activities leading up to the Third UN Financing for Development Conference (FFD3)

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NEW: CIDSE Recommendations for the third UN Financing for Development Conference

The FFD3 will take place on 13-16 July 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It follows the first International Conference on Financing for Development (Monterrey, 2002) and the Doha Review Conference (2008). Having participated in the process leading up to these two conferences and their follow-up, CIDSE is actively engaged in the FFD3 process and welcomes the timing of the conference in July, shortly before the high level segment of the UN General Assembly agrees on the new Post-2015 Sustainable Development Framework in September and a new international climate agreement is reached in December 2015.

The conference in Addis Ababa will need to secure multilateral strategies to ensure that the financial, trade and monetary systems contribute to the new international consensus on sustainable development, and should address climate change. In the briefing note, “Some reflections on the structure of the Third FFD Conference Outcome Document“, CIDSE argues that the structure of the Monterrey Outcome Document should be maintained in the Addis Ababa outcome document.


  • 27-29 January: First Drafting Session of the FFD3 Outcome document (New York)
  • 23 March: European FfD regional consultation (Geneva)
  • 9 April: Hearings with Civil Society Organisations (New York)
  • 13-17 April: Second Drafting Session (New York)
  • 21-24 April: Joint joint Post-2015 and Financing for Development negotiating session
  • 15-19 June: Third Drafting Session (New York)
  • 11-12 July: Civil Society Forum (Addis Ababa)
  • 13-16 July: UN Official Thrid International Finance for Development Conference (FFD3) in Addis Ababa


Policy papers and articles

CIDSE is also organizing a series of events in the run up to the Financing for Development Conference:

CIDSE is also contributing to facilitating international and European civil society’s advocacy on finance issues for 2015. At the European level, CIDSE chairs the European Financing for Development Task Force coordinated by Concord.

At the International level, it is part of the Civil Society Coordinating Group for the Addis Ababa Financing for Development Conference and is offering logistic support and facilitation. For more information on the Civil Society Forum to take place in the days before the official conference see here

Contact person: Jean Saldanha, Senior Policy Advisor: saldanha(at)


Event’s flyer: Applying Common but Differentiated Responsibilities in a Financing Sustainable Development Context

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