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CIDSE Events at the EDDs

CIDSE Debates at the European Development Days 2015: Europe’s leading forum on development and international cooperation

On the 3rd and 4th of June 2015 the European Commission will be hosting the European Development Days (EDDs) at Tour & Taxis venue in Brussels. This forum provides a platform for debate, discussion, cooperation, and the sharing of ideas relevant to development. The commission describes the forum as “an incubator of new ideas to inform our share aim of a poverty-free, sustainable and fair world where everyone has a chance at a decent life”. The EDD’s will be attended by political decision makers, development practitioners, international organisations, advocacy organisations, private sector representatives, academia, media and EU staff. CIDSE is co-hosting two debates:

Creating a fairer and more sustainable international tax system: What is the EU’s role?
Date: Thursday 4 June
Time: 16:00-17:15
Moderator: Seamus Jeffreson (CONCORD)
Speakers: Prof. Annet Wanyana Oguttu (Professor of Tax Law at the University of South Africa), Prof. Mick Moore (IDS Professorial Fellow and Chief Executive if the International Centre for Tax and Development), and Iina Soiri (Director of the Nordic Africa Institute)

As world leaders prepare to gather in Addis Ababa to discuss the future financing of sustainable development, a key item on the agenda will be the role of taxation in generating more reliable and progressive financing streams that can underpin sustainable and equitable development for everyone, everywhere. In advance of the Addis Ababa Conference, CONCORD and the Institute for Development Studies alongside CIDSE are bringing together tax experts, civil society organisations and national government representatives to discuss what more needs to be done by the EU, individual member states and through international frameworks to create a fairer and more sustainable international tax system which addresses the issues of tax evasion and illicit financial flows and improves the capacity of poorer countries to collect taxes and benefit from international tax reform initiatives being led by the OECD in relation to a growing role of the UN system in international tax norm setting.

Sharing the Load: Public and Private Sector Roles in Addressing Poor People’s Energy Needs
Date: Thursday 4 June 2015
Time: 16:00-17:15
Panellists: Klaus Rudischauser (Deputy Director General of the European Commission for International Cooperation & Development (DEVCO)), Jorund Buen (Co-founder of Differ), Sam Duby (Founding Director of SteamaCo), Lucy Symons (General Manager and Co-founder of Village Infrastructure), and Fabby Tumiwa (Director of the Institute for Essential Services Reform, Indonesia).

There is growing consensus that it is often more feasible, sustainable and cost-effective to provide energy for poor communities through off-grid sources, rather than by extending the grid. While this argument is gaining ground among decision makers, including in the Energy Sustainable Development Goal discussions, key questions remains around how to finance such interventions. How can large-scale investment be channeled into many small-scale and decentralized initiatives? What are the respective roles of the public and private sector in both financing and enabling energy access, particularly for the poorest? Research, including by CAFOD and IIED, shows that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ replication of energy services is not the answer. In addition, understanding end-users’ needs in designing services and also the socio-cultural aspects of the enabling environment is critical.

This CAFOD, CIDSE and IIED debate, will bring together investors, energy enterprises from countries with high energy poverty, civil society practitioners, and government officials to discuss opportunities and barriers to financing pro-poor energy access. It will focus in particular on the roles of public and private sectors in developing solutions. 

For more information about CIDSE’s participation in the EDDs, please contact:
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