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Third FFD Conference Follow-up – A Thinkpiece – CIDSE

Third FFD Conference Follow-up – A Thinkpiece

Some reflections on the Third FFD Conference Follow-up – A Thinkpiece. CIDSE Briefing Note, May 2015

As governments negotiate the Third Financing for Development Conference (FFD 3) to be held in Addis Ababa (13-16 July 2015), an important decision that they will have to make refers to the follow-up process. This brief piece offers some thoughts on the international dimensions of such follow-up, without denying the importance of the need to plan for national and regional follow-up dimensions too

Contact person: Jean Letitia Saldanha, CIDSE Senior Policy Advisor (saldanha(at)

EN-CIDSE Briefing note on FFD3 Follow-up mechanism

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