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UN Treaty on business and human rights: Legal seminar report – CIDSE

UN Treaty on business and human rights: Legal seminar report

UN Treaty on transnational corporations, other business enterprises & human rights: Options for justice, Legal seminar report. Brussels, 30-31 May 2016

This report captures the content of discussions that took place during a legal seminar in Brussels (30-31 May 2016), organised by Bread for the World, Friends of the Earth Europe, CIDSE and SOMO, members of the Treaty Alliance – a global movement working towards the treaty.

It aims to provide a resource for civil society groups, states and all those engaged in the UN treaty process in the run up to the second intergovernmental working group (IGWG) session, which is due to take place from 24 to 28 October 2016. It discusses options for the following aspects of the treaty: access to remedy; enforcement mechanisms; and its relationship with the trade and investment regime.

Contact: Denise Auclair, Senior Policy Advisor, CIDSE, auclair(at)

EN-UN Treaty May2016 Legal Seminar Report

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