CIDSE celebrates the canonization of Archbishop Romero – CIDSE

CIDSE celebrates the canonization of Archbishop Romero

In his life he has inspired many people and “he is still a light for many human rights defenders”

Oscar Romero has inspired the work of many CIDSE organizations and their partners. According to Trocaire, he is still a light for many human rights defenders.

He stood up for the rights of the people of El Salvador during the country’s civil war and he was murdered for advocating for social and economic reforms to benefit the country’s poor.

CAFOD created a page of resources on Romero, a timeline of his life and made several social media videos. See also the article “How to become a saint”.

Entraide et Fraternite’published an article remembering the important steps of his life.

In this publication, Misereor brings together some of the elements of his life and some of his inspirational quotes.

CCFD- Terre Solidaire remembers some of his interventions with some video recordings and reminds how he inspired the actions of many partners in Latin America.

In this article, Fastenopfer praises Romero with quotes from Mgr Ramazzini and sister Mary John from the Philippines.

KOO remembers both Romero and Paul VI in this article.

SCIAF welcomed the news of the canonization in this article from March, defining Romero as “a shining example of someone driven to fight poverty and injustice in this world, to the point of sacrificing his own life”. In August they published a commentary on the teachings of Blessed Oscar Romero by Fr Thomas Greenan.

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