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CIDSE launches the new documentary: “The future lies with youth”

Inspired by Laudato Si’, the documentary tells the stories of young climate activists, filling the audience with hope for the future of the planet 

“The Future lies with youth”: stories from young climate activists, is a documentary produced by CIDSE within the initiative “Change for the Planet- Care for the People” and directed by Patrícia Pedrosa.  

The 40’ movie features youth from Germany, Switzerland, Kenya, Italy, Spain and Portugal who open up about their engagement for climate justice, concretely showing activism in all its facets, with a strong spiritual dimension. From working with local schools, to leading land conservation actions, to participating in demonstrations, to looking inwards and going through an ecological conversion; they are doing all they can to care for the planet earth. Their belief and enthusiasm are contagious and represent a sheer of hope in a time of climate crisis.  

This documentary reflects the commitment of the CIDSE’s network of supporters-composed of young people from CIDSE’s member organisations- towards climate justice. The six stories, bring the audience to several local projects in which youngsters, connected in most cases to the CIDSE “Change for the Planet-Care for the People” initiative, are involved. In addition, the documentary shows the connection between actions at local level and the global protection of our common home. It will inspire, connect and tell new stories of change, building on two CIDSE previous documentaries with a similar approach (“Stories of Change” and “Energy to Change”). 

The documentary premiered on 6th of November during COP 26. In a virtual gathering the protagonists of the stories shared thoughts about their commitment for climate justice, continuing to inspire each other and others.  

Watch on CIDSE’s You Tube channel: 

Notes to the editors:  

CIDSE is an international family of Catholic social justice organizations working for transformational change to end poverty and inequalities, challenging systemic injustice, inequity, destruction of nature and promoting just and environmentally sustainable alternatives.   

Change for the Planet- Care for the People” is a collective CIDSE initiative to connect, inspire and promote sustainable lifestyles towards a better world for all. We believe we must practice the changes we want to see in the world. 

The documentary features volunteers connected to the following organisations: Misereor (Germany), FEC & Casa Velha (Portugal), CYNESA (Kenya), FOCSIV (Italy), Manos Unidas (Spain), Fastenopfer (Switzerland).  

The documentary is currently subtitled in English and will be made available in additional language versions throughout 2022.  

The realization of the documentary was possible thanks to the financial support offered by the KR Foundation.  

Media contact: Valentina Pavarotti, CIDSE Communications Manager, pavarotti(at)  

Contact for the initiative “Change for the Planet- Care for the People”: Giorgio Gotra, Campaigns Project Officer: gotra(at)  

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