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Change starts with us

Reflections and Inspirations from the 2nd CIDSE Systemic Change Forum 

Approximately ten years ago, CIDSE started its journey towards system change. Since then, discussions have kept evolving, the latest milestone being the second CIDSE Systemic Change Forum which was held online from 7 to 9 June 2021. The Forum aimed to assess and advance on the implementation of CIDSE’s systemic change approach – as member organisations and as a network – while checking in the global context we operate in and the role CIDSE plays as a network.  

We are pleased to present you this new interactive report which captures the discussions and learnings from the Forum. It contains videos, voices from some of the speakers as well as our main takeaways from the rich discussions that took place over those three days.

Take a look at it to learn about how our network is acting for the change it seeks, how CIDSE aims to implement systemic change in its ways of working, and how we seek to communicate in a systemic way. 

Contact: Nicky Broeckhoven, Gender Equality and Systemic Change officer (broeckhoven(at)

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