2021 Annual Report – CIDSE

2021 Annual Report

2021 has been another challenging year with the continued circulation of the coronavirus and its dramatic impact on our societies and our well-being. For the CIDSE network, it was another year of disruptions, cancellations, change of plans; yet of great commitment despite it all.
Together with our partners and our allies, we pursued our call for the transformation of our current economic model into one that promotes human flourishing on a thriving planet. In a world where ‘faster and bigger’ still set the standard, we continue asking the question: can it be done with less? In a world fraught with misunderstanding and fear, CIDSE is looking to connect with each other, with the world and with our planet.

We invite you to click around the interactive CIDSE 2021 annual report to discover how we continued striving for a more sustainable and just world and hope you will enjoy learning about our achievements and challenges.

The interactive format is available in English, French and Spanish. An English PDF version is also available for downloading.

Photo credit: Guilherme Cavalli

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