Developing the Right to Say No in Europe

Online workshop
Pre-registration required: HERE

Language: English

Download the Flyer HERE and the Background Note HERE

This workshop aims to bring local experts and activists together to bring the global struggle to the EU and develop a Europewide action on the Right to Say No.

As well as exacerbating climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss, mining has direct economic and socio-cultural impacts on local communities. All local communities affected by mining projects should have the right to co-decide whether mining activities will start or continue in their backyard. This belief in community involvement in political, economic, and environmental decision-making is epitomised in the Right to Say No, which is the inalienable and collective right of a community to say ‘No’ to extractive projects on their land.

In this workshop, we want to collect feedback on the RTSN legal toolbox that is being developed, discuss European views on a global RTSN document and work towards an action plan to implement the RTSN in Europe.

CIDSE contact: Giuseppe Cioffo, Corporate Regulation and Extractives Officer (cioffo(at)cidse.org)

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