Hybrid event: Maasai shall not die

Read the press release: Maasai delegation ends European advocacy tour

The event will approach the case of Tanzania and analyze in more detail the evictions of the Maasai from their lands as well as the violent repressions undertaken by the Tanzanian government. More than 70 000 Indigenous Maasai people are at risk or have already been expelled from their lands to make way for a tourism and conservation operation supported by the Tanzanian government that is undertaking several operations to put into action its plan to evict close to 150 000 Maasai from Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) and Loliondo. 

Three Maasai activists for Indigenous people’s land rights will share their testimonials of the situation: Joseph Moses Oleshangay, a Human Rights Lawyer who works with the Legal and Human Rights Centre in Arusha, Nengai Kilusu Laizer, Pastoralist and traditional singer and Noorkishili Nakero Naing’isa, Pastoralist oriented on land issues.

The situation in Tanzania is alarmingly leading to massive human rights abuses and therefore, this meeting is an opportunity to call for the respect and the free, prior and informed consent of the Maasai people for projects on their land, to call for a human-rights-based approach to conservation as recommended by the UN special rapporteurs, and to ensure an effective investigation into the use of force against protesters. 

The event will take place on 31st May 2023 from 7pm to 9pm (Tanzania) / 6 pm to 8pm (CEST) at the European Parliament (Room 5E1G). The languages of the speakers will be Swahili, English and French. Interpretation will be available.

Join the event: https://ep.interactio.eu/3ny5-jp9z-q5le


  •   Michèle Rivasi MEP, host (Greens / EFA)
  •   Joseph Moses Oleshangay, Maasai Human Rights Lawyer (Legal and Human Rights Centre) 
  •   Nengai Kilusu Laizer, Maasai Pastoralist and Singer
  •   Noorkishili Nakera Naing’isa, Maasai Pastoralist activist 
  •   Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur for Extreme Poverty 
  •   Josiane Gauthier, Secretary General, CIDSE
  •   Maria Arena MEP (S&D)
  •   Maria Soraya Rodriguez Ramos (Renew)
  •   Pierrette Herzberger Fofana MEP (Greens / EFA)
  •   Malte Gallee MEP (Greens / EFA)


 6pm – Opening remarks / introduction of the event by MEP Michèle Rivasi
 6:10pm – Details on the background given by Josiane Gauthier, Secretary General of CIDSE
 6:20pm – “Maasai shall not die” by Joseph Moses Oleshangay, Nengai Kilusu Laizer and Noorkishili Nakero Naing’isa – Maasai activists
 6:30pm – Human rights dimensions given by Olivier De Schutter – UN special rapporteur for Extreme Poverty 
 6:40pm – Responses from MEPs
 7pm – General discussion and Q&A
 7:50pm – Closing remarks by MEP Michèle Rivasi

Additional information on the Maasai speakers’ tour is available at: https://pingosforum.or.tz/speakers-tour-maasai-shall-not-die/

 This event is co-founded by the European Union.  The contents are the sole responsibility of the organisers and the speakers and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

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