Report on the CIDSE Bishops’ tour in Guatemala

Written by  CIDSE

Report on the CIDSE Bishops’ tour in Guatemala
07 November 2014

Report on the CIDSE Bishops’ tour in Guatemala (22-27 June 2014) (Full report in ES, Conclusions & Recommendations in EN)


On the initiative of the CIDSE Central America Working Group, representatives of member agencies from the CIDSE network, along with European Bishops, toured Guatemala from 22 to 27 June 2014, to express their solidarity with church institutions and civil society organisations in Guatemala with whom they work. This initiative follows on from an initial visit by European and North American Bish­ops who were invited by representatives of the Catholic Church in Guatemala in 2005 to discuss the subject of access to land. The main goals of this second tour were to offer solidarity to the Guatemalan church for its pastoral work in support of peace and reconciliation and the development of a joint reflection on how to care for Creation amid the reality of Guatemala by defending human rights and protecting the environment.

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