Latin American Episcopal Council Pastoral letter

Written by  CIDSE

Latin American Episcopal Council Pastoral letter
02 July 2018

'Missionary disciples: custodians of our common home - Discernment in light of the encyclical Laudato si’', CELAM pastoral letter. January 2018.
(Original text in Spanish. Unofficial translations in EN / DE / FR)


“A través de la presente Carta Pastoral los obispos latinoamericanos, en comunión con el Papa Francisco, queremos entrar en diálogo con todos acerca de nuestra casa común y especialmente sobre el modo como estamos construyendo el futuro del planeta, lo cual implica buscar juntos caminos de liberación que conduzcan a la verdadera sabiduría y al planteamiento de respuestas integrales.”

“The Latin American bishops, in communion with Pope Francis, want to use this Pastoral Letter to enter into dialogue with all people about our common home and especially about the way we are shaping the future of the planet, which implies that together we can seek paths of liberation that lead to true wisdom and to the approach of comprehensive solutions”.





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