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Call for proposals

Final Evaluation of the CIDSE Strategy 2017-2023 and Framework Partnership Agreement with the European Commission Project: “Experience, Learning, Sharing through joint action and strategic planning to achieve global justice”

CIDSE has just completed a grant entitled “Experience, Learning, Sharing through joint action and strategic planning to achieve global justice” which aimed to implement and enhance the previous Strategic framework, but also helped us to develop the new Strategy which was adopted in 2023. The previous Strategy as well as the new one are both focused on deepening our Systemic Change Approach, recognising that social and ecological justice can only be achieved through transformative advocacy. The Strategy was supported by a Framework Partnership Agreement and Grant funded by DG-IntPa of the European Commission. As the grant and project are coming to a close, we need to prepare a final evaluation of the project.

CIDSE is now looking for an external evaluator to accompany us in this process of assessing the results achieved, as measured against our Log Frame and Grant proposal but also against the broader framework of our Strategy.

CIDSE’s systemic change approach

CIDSE’s mission is to promote social justice by bringing together collective efforts to identify and change the structures, policies, and systems that create and reinforce injustice, human rights violations and destruction of nature.We work to change the narrative around how this world is organised and who has a voice and we do this through intentional transformative advocacy towards the decision-makers.

The consultant we are seeking will:

  • Design the final evaluation of the project, including detailed methodology and timeline.
  • Help CIDSE to assess, map out, and analyse the results and progress achieved against the objectives and indicators set out in the LOG Frame and Project.
  • Do this through consultation of stakeholders, allies, and members of the CIDSE network especially in monitoring our results, practice and experience in promoting systemic change through transformative advocacy and collective action throughout the CIDSE network.
  • Draft a final evaluation report for the purposes of reporting on our grant and drawing some learnings from the process which we can apply to future work.

The previous strategy and the grant project were implemented during the Covid-19 Pandemic and now, with a war in Europe. This context has greatly impacted the life of our network, our collective work with our partners and allies and has had and is continuing to have devastating effects on peoples’ lives, national economies, and social justice worldwide. Through our learning from the previous strategy, we developed CIDSE’s new Strategic Plan which seeks to respond to the lasting impacts of this multi-layered crisis: the ecological, the social, the political, and the economic. As an organization rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, we draw inspiration from the messages of Integral Ecology, Interconnectedness, solidarity, mutual responsibility, and fraternity (sisterhood/brotherhood). We recognise that our special approach which sees causes and issues of injustice as well as the solutions and answers as interlinked calls us to act for Systemic Change. This must continue to be a cornerstone of our work for social justice, integral ecology, healing, and just recovery. We do this through engaging political actors and joining movements mobilizing for change at the grassroots, telling their stories and recognizing our own privileged position to make space for others to speak with their own voice whenever possible or necessary. Finally, we are a learning a sharing organization and all of our processes must reflect this continuous desire to draw from each other’s strengths and knowledge and better serve our mission together.


Begin: Late October 2023
* Proposed methodology including a questionnaire to be used for the interviews or/and questions for different stakeholders
* Clear and detailed plan for the implementation of the evaluation

Finalise: End of January 2024
* PowerPoint presentation with a summary of key findings of the evaluation (mid-January)
* Final report outlining the process, methodology, key findings and recommendations.


€20.000 (VAT included) for the 3 months (from end October 2023 until end January 2024)
Including working time and related costs (travel, material, other)


Please submit your expression of interest, motivations, CV (with examples of previous work), and a proposed plan outlining the following elements:

  • Describe your motivation to work with CIDSE and to participate in the development of the tools and implementation of the strategy, as well as your experience and expertise on the topic.
  • Present your ideas and proposal for a process, including a timeline for the design of the feedback process, and methodology for the consultation process with our network, staff, and other stakeholders such as global partners.
  • An estimated breakdown of the budget and time requirement for the process.

Please send the requested documents to no later than August 31st, 2023.  Interviews will be held in the last week of September.

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