Small Family Farmers: At the Heart of the Climate Justice

Written by  Development & Peace

Small Family Farmers: At the Heart of the Climate Justice
14 November 2016

Small Family Farmers: at the Heart of the Climate Justice, a Development and Peace publication,
November 2016 (available in EN − FR)

Among human activities, farming is one of the largest GHG emitters, but its impact on global warming varies depending on the agricultural model applied. Industrial agriculture and small family farming are not on an equal footing when it comes to GHG emissions. The impacts on global warming are not comparable either, since small family farming is mainly practiced in countries most affected by climate change — one of the main reasons why Development and Peace and its partners denounce the industrial agricultural model and call for support of small family farming, which is the nurturer of the planet.

Contact person: Geneviève Talbot, Policy Officer, Development & Peace (genevieve.talbot(at)

Development & Peace – Caritas Canada is CIDSE’s member organisation in Canada.



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