Sustainable Agriculture - Key to Inclusive Rural Transformation

Written by  Dr Lorenz Bachmann, David Kersting, Disan Kiguli

Sustainable Agriculture - Key to Inclusive Rural Transformation
08 March 2017

A comparative study based on empirical evidence from 20 Years of MISEREOR partner efforts in Uganda. January 2017.

MISEREOR has supported partner organisations in Uganda in their efforts to empower smallholders, raise and diversify farm productivity and promote sound management of natural resources for over 20 years. Sustainable Agriculture (SA) has been the guiding principle of joint project interventions all along.
The present study is based on two long-term evaluations conducted in ten Ugandan districts in 2005 and 2015. Thereby, the more recent survey not only covered project participants and a conventionally farming reference group but also smallholders assigned to tea outgrower schemes. In this way, MISEREOR aims to contribute empirical evidence to the question how structural transformation can be managed in an economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially inclusive manner and thus, with particular benefit for the rural poor.

Contact: Maria Klatte, Head of Department Middle East and Africa, MISEREOR (maria.klattet(at)

MISEREOR is CIDSE’s member organisation in Germany.


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