Setting the post-2015 development compass

Written by  CAFOD

Setting the post-2015 development compass
30 September 2013

Setting the post-2015 development compass: voices from the ground, a CAFOD Research Paper, September 2013 (available in EN - ES - FR)

The COMPASS 2015 research project was born out of CAFOD’s determination to ensure that the perspectives of those living in poverty are included in the post-2015 policy process. This in-depth participatory research is grounded in CAFOD partners’ work with people who are marginalised or living in poverty, having collected the views of 1,420 participants in 56 communities affected by poverty in four low and middle income countries (Bolivia, Philippines, Uganda and Zimbabwe). This research is unique because it combines a genuine participatory process with addressing key issues in the post-2015 policy discussion.

Contact: Andrea Rigon, Research Coordinator, CAFOD (arigon(at)

CAFOD is CIDSE's member in England and Wales

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