Russia G20 Summit: CIDSE recommendations

Written by  CIDSE

Russia G20 Summit: CIDSE recommendations
29 May 2013

How can the G20 really contribute to development? CIDSE recommendations to the G20 Russian Presidency - May 2013

Most of the specific agendas dealt by the G20 leaders are crucial for southern countries and their access to different sources of financing for their public policies of development (Development Agenda, Financial Regulation, Anti corruption action plan, Innovative Financing, etc.). The Seoul Multi-Year Action Plan on development ends under the Russian Presidency of the G20. This is a useful moment for the G20 to reflect on its role in global development and how to improve its impact to date. This brief draws attention to some key changes that would improve the G20’s track record on providing an inclusive and sustainable recovery.

Document contacts:
- Jean Saldanha, CIDSE, saldanha(at)
- Aldo Caliari, Center of Concern, acaliari(at)
- Christina Chang, CAFOD, cchang(at)
- Mathilde Dupré, CCFD-Terre Solidaire, m.dupre(at)

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