Rice paddy Asia ( © Mayumi Terao)
07 November 2011

We urgently need to put forward alternative models of development.

CIDSE believes that we urgently need to reconsider the current model of growth if we want to achieve sustainability. The current situation in the areas of finance, climate, food and energy all hint at a major global systemic crisis, which reveals the failures of our economic system more clearly than ever. In the context of our fight for global justice and the eradication of poverty, CIDSE recognizes the urgent need to go further in our thinking about alternatives.

Good examples of alternatives and public policy choices already exist. These must become more widespread, scaled-up and built upon. CIDSE advocates amongst others for an alternative to GDP measurement that includes social and non-material aspects of well being. Moreover, we want to put a greater emphasis on ‘going local’, foster the concept of ‘having enough’ and debate the role of the ‘green economy’.

Concrete elements of CIDSE’s work on this topic are our advocacy efforts on the UN Conference on Sustainable Development ‘Rio+20’ and the process around the beyond 2015 framework.

Read more about CIDSE and the UN Conference on Sustainable Development 'Rio+20' (20-22 June 2012)

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