CIDSE Annual report 2011 – CIDSE
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CIDSE Annual report 2011

Copyrights CIDSE

Annual report 2011 (also available in ES and FR)

The report shows how, inspired by shared values, CIDSE members and partners in Southern and Northern countries joined hands in 2011 to propose just solutions to global challenges.

Reading this report means retracing the path which led us, among others, to the World Social Forum in Dakar, the annual UN Committee on World Food Security in Rome, the European Development Days in Warsaw and the Durban climate talks.  The report also recounts several lobbying activities towards EU institutions and governments undertaken at national and international level.

In 2011 the current economic growth model was increasingly questioned in light of ongoing crises. In the context of our daily fight for global justice and the eradication of poverty, CIDSE member and partner organisations all over the world recognise the need to go further in our thinking about alternatives. We need to bring about structural and incremental change and not rely on shocks. This was a central message in our 2011 activities, and remains so in our preparations for the Rio+20 Summit 2012, through which we urge the main decision-making bodies to take action to stop poverty, hunger and environmental exploitations and build a sustainable and more just world.

EN-CIDSE Annual report 2011
ES-Informe anual 2011 de la CIDSE
FR-Rapport annuel 2011 de la CIDSE

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