Food Security and the G20 – CIDSE
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Food Security and the G20

CIDSE CI credits

Food Security and the G20, a policy briefing by the Caritas‐CIDSE G20 Network, June 2012

“The Mexican G20 has a real opportunity to show valuable and lasting leadership on the issue of food security. We, as the Caritas‐CIDSE G20 Networ,k urge the decision makers that this is taken as an opportunity to engage in giving voice to the world’s most vulnerable people and to put their needs and claims at the top of the agenda. It is this relationship between global decisions affecting local participation which can help poor and vulnerable people out of poverty, for good.”

– Caritas-CIDSE G20 network, Dominic Foster (CAFOD): dfoster(at)
– CIDSE Secretariat, Gisele Henriques, henriques(at) 

EN-Food Security and the G20

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