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COP18 climate summit in Doha

The poorest bite Doha’s dust, as governments keep the negotiations on track towards a global deal by 2015, but do little more to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Read CIDSE’s press release on the outcomes of the Doha climate talks (Qatar, 26/11-07/12).

In Doha, developed countries made no new cuts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, urgently needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Even though some European countries announced new climate funds in Doha, these are insufficient to meet existing and future needs of the most vulnerable communities in developing countries. Doha also gave no indication about how developed countries are going to scale up climate finance to $100 billion yearly by 2020, as pledged back in 2009.

The Doha summit did result in a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, but with less countries on board and no new emission cuts, which means the Protocol currently covers only around 15% of global emissions.

In a series of #faithcop18 videos from Doha, CIDSE members and partners explain why we must keep faith in the international climate talks in order to achieve climate justice.

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