CIDSE Annual report 2013 – CIDSE

CIDSE Annual report 2013


Annual report 2013 (also available in ES and FR)

The 2013 annual report looks at our work on the changing relationship between South and North, towards a paradigm shift in development and for a new narrative of human well-being within creation, gender equity and solidarity. The upcoming post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and our efforts on food and agriculture are presented, along with the international efforts to apply corporate accountability for human rights that we have a deep involvement in, and which in 2013 were brought to the center of the world stage by  the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh. In this report, we have tried to gather some of the most intense moments and hope you will enjoy the reading!

EN-CIDSE Annual report 2013
ES-Informe anual 2013 de la CIDSE
FR-Rapport annuel 2013 de la CIDSE

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