Civil Society view regarding pending EU legislation 2014 – CIDSE
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Civil Society view regarding pending EU legislation 2014

In an open letter to EC President, Jean-Claude Juncker and First Vice-President, Frans Timmermans, CIDSE, together with 19 other civil society organizations, responded to the statement issued by BusinessEurope.

The BusinessEurope document, under the heading ‘Business input to the screening exercise by vice-president Timmermans’, is part of a worrying deregulatory tendencyworrying deregulatory tendency under the headline of ‘cutting red tape’. It specifically took EU rules to guarantee gender balance on boards, extend maternity leave, reduce air pollution, and introduce a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) as its target. CIDSE joined a coalition of labour unions, environmental organisations, womens’ rights organisations and other organisations working for global justice with the signatures of President Heinz Hödl and Secretary General Bernd Nilles.

EN – Civil Society Response

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