CIDSE Annual report 2014 – CIDSE
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© Paolo Lucciola

CIDSE Annual report 2014

© Paolo Lucciola

Annual report 2014 (also available in ES and FR)


In 2014 CIDSE paved the way for harnessing key opportunities. Nevertheless, we are in a world confronted by conflict, terrorism, extremism, and many refugees dying en-route to Europe. CIDSE continues to address injustices and embrace the challenge of engaging decision makers to change course. We do so with a clear vision of the systemic transformation we would like to see in the world and full of hope and tenacity for the intense year ahead. In this spirit, we hope you enjoy reading our annual report.

ES-CIDSE Informe Anual 2014
EN-CIDSE Annual Report 2014
FR-Rapport annuel de la CIDSE 2014

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