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Take a journey with the Stories of Change Documentary!

On the occasion of World Food Day 2017, Change for the Planet – Care for the People launches the final video of the Stories of Change series. A documentary compiling the 10 different stories, experiences and reflections from people taking simple and meaningful steps towards sustainable living.

In this 35-minute journey, the viewer travels from Portugal to the Philippines, from Canada to the UK, discovering the lives and experiences of ten inspiring protagonists from all walks of life, who share the steps they’ve taken in their personal or collective transformation towards a more sustainable living, through sustainable ways of producing and consuming food. They highlight the importance of taking into account that the respect for the environment must be integral, honoring both human dignity and rekindling our relationship with the planet that we inhabit, in every aspect of our lives.

Watch this colorful and encouraging documentary that shows how we can all make a difference, we can all contribute to the change that we want to see, and this includes you!


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This project and documentary were possible thanks to the collaboration with FEC | Fundação Fé e CooperaçãoAssociação Casa Velha – Ecologia e Espiritualidade and Camões, Instituto da Cooperação e da Lingua Portuguesa of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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