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Rethinking our relationship with nature


CIDSE is holding its first Systemic Change Forum on 17-18 April, Leuven, Belgium

CIDSE works with a “Systemic Change” approach. Building on the “Paradigm Shift” reflections that guided our work in the past years, our assumption is that incremental or “piece meal” change is not sufficient. We work for change that will pervade all parts of the system that is currently perpetuating injustice and inequalities, ecological dysfunction and climate change.

To deepen and progress on this approach we are holding a Systemic Change forum focused on the topic of rethinking our relationship with nature. We will explore alternatives based on the principles of climate justice and focus on emerging pockets of change and resistance to large-scale mining and other forms of exploitation of the commons purely for profit.

Participants, among which members, partners, allies and friends, will gather in Leuven and will have the opportunity to learn and engage in conversations with others and contribute in further shaping CIDSE network’s systemic change strategy and narrative. They will be testing, sharing and learning, while challenging each other to think “outside the box”.

We are looking forward to the rich exchanges that will take place among people from different backgrounds and to the many inspirations that will feed our work and hopefully contribute to construct a more just society.

N.B.: Registrations for the Systemic Change Forum are closed

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