Journalists’ webinar on sustainable lifestyles – CIDSE

Journalists’ webinar on sustainable lifestyles

Inspiring journalists to report on sustainable lifestyles- 19th November 2018, 16.30 GMT

CIDSE and the Global Catholic Climate movement, in partnership with Climate Tracker, are organising a webinar to inspire journalists and communicators to report on sustainable lifestyles, choose the best pictures to report on the topic, approach new audiences, find inspirations for stories.

Join our exciting panel of experts on 19th November at 16.30 GMT !

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photo395593366323177422Anna Perez Catala (moderator) is an environmental scientist specialized in climate change. She is interested in communications and politics, and is currently Climate Tracker’s Campaigns Director.

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Joel Bourne (speaker) is an award-winning author and journalist who has spent his career traveling the globe to report on the intricate relationship between humans and the natural world. As a frequent contributor and former Senior Editor for the Environment for National Geographic, he’s covered many of the major environmental issues of our time. Bourne also frequently reports on the global food system. His new book, The End of Plenty: the Race to Feed a Crowded World, (W.W. Norton, June 2015) is an in-depth exploration of the looming food crisis we now face, and ways we can feed the world without destroying it. Bourne has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, and as a speaker, panelist and moderator in many other prestigious gatherings around the world.

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Adam Corner (speaker) is Climate Outreach Research Director, and an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Psychology, Cardiff University. Adam manages Climate Outreach’s research portfolio, directs Climate Outreach’s collaborations with academic partners, and leads the Climate Visuals programme. Adam lead-authored a book ‘Talking Climate: From Research to Practice in Public Engagement’, has published widely in academic journals, and writes regularly for international media, including The Guardian and New Scientist magazine.

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Marta Isabel González Álvarez (speaker) has a PhD in Media Sciences Journalism and Comprehensive Communication Degree from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She is a Lecturer in Social Journalism in the Master’s Program at Catholic Universidad CEU San Pablo de Madrid (Spain) and in the Catholic Journalism Fundación Crónica Blanca, and has also published several scientific articles such as “Professionalism in Communication for Solidarity” and “New Technologies and Social Networks in Communication for Solidarity”. She has 18 years of professional experience as Press Officer and Communication Manager including Social Network Strategist, in different Development NGOs. Currently she works at Manos Unidas (CIDSE’s member in Spain), as member of the Communication Department and as Communication Officer of the Campaigns Department.


Caroline Bader (speaker) serves as Director of the Multi Faith Sustainable Living Initiative with GreenFaith, the leading global interfaith organization on environment and climate action. The Initiative promotes and amplifies commitments in the areas of energy use, diet and transportation, creates a global community of conscience and promotes practices to drive lifestyle-related reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. Prior to her role with GreenFaith, she worked as youth secretary of the Lutheran World Federation. Since 2012, she was an observer the Conferences of the Parties, the annual meetings of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and has gained expertise and experience on climate change and sustainable development in faith communities at all levels. Caroline Bader holds a Diploma in Religious Education and Community Development and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in International Organizations Management with the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Journalists webinar on sustainable lifestyle

Recording of the webinar
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