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Making Money Move for agroecology!

CIDSE has just released a new video animation that completes the collection of resources and materials on funding for agroecology.  

A new short and punchy animation makes the case that we need to de-fund industrial agriculture, which can be harmful to the environment, and funnel that money into agroecology.

This video is part of an ongoing collaboration between CIDSE, CAWR at Coventry University and AgroecologyNow! investigating agricultural funding flows, and adds another voice to the growing chorus calling for the transformation of agriculture finance in support of agroecology. 

It builds on two pieces of work:  

a) Concrete recommendations on the methods through which donors can focus their approach on financing agroecology;


b) an in-depth analysis  of funding from Europe towards international institutions working on agriculture and from the Green Climate Fund. See also an article on this published on Common Dreams by François Delvaux (CIDSE) and Nina Moeller (CAWR).  This briefing is based on the research of a background report developed by CIDSE and Nina Moeller at the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR) of Coventry University. 

The new video clip is available in English, French and Spanish

Also for more information and a collection of other reports on this topic see: 

Get in touch:  François Delvaux, delvaux(at) ; Agroecology and Food Sovereignty Officer  

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