Webinar: Justice denied: 13 years of closure in the occupied Gaza Strip

Event Details


EuroMed Rights and CIDSE are pleased to invite you to this one-hour webinar discussing the lack of accountability for daily human rights violations taking place in the Gaza Strip. After 13 years of closure, victims have been left without prospect for redress, justice and reparations.

The webinar will address three themes in particular:

  • Israel’s responsibilities towards the population of Gaza;
  • The systematic impunity for human rights and international law violations within the Gaza Strip;
  • The prospects of international accountability mechanisms such as the International Criminal Court and its ongoing proceedings on Palestine.


  • Beth Oppenheim, International Relations Director, Gisha
  • Nuriya Oswald, International Legal and Advocacy Director, Al Mezan
  • Hamdi Shaqqura, Deputy Director, PCHR



Beth Oppenheim, International Relations Director at Gisha
Beth has a strong background in EU foreign policy and human rights in the Middle East. She comments in various media, including the BBC and Reuters. At Gisha, Beth reaches out to members of the public and opinion-makers to promote awareness on human rights in the OPT and directly before decision-makers to promote policies that respect human rights. Gisha strives to protect the freedom of movement of Palestinians, especially for Gaza residents.

Nuriya Oswald, International Advocacy Officer and Project Coordinator at Al Mezan
Nuriya is a human rights lawyer, with solid experience in international human rights advocacy and strategic litigation. At Al Mezan, Nuriya coordinates various projects with the objective of bringing justice to victims of human rights violations in Gaza and alert international stakeholders about the human rights situation in Gaza. Al Mezan works on promoting respect and protection for all human rights in the Gaza Strip through research, legal intervention, advocacy and awareness-raising.

Hamdi Shaqqura, Deputy Director at Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR)
Hamdi started his career in academia, where his main areas of expertise focused on democratic development, and civil and political rights. At PCHR, Hamdi pilots its international outreach work towards media, the public opinion and political decision-makers. PCHR is dedicated to protect human rights, promote the rule of law and upholding democratic principles in the OPT.



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