Climate-smart Agriculture – A useful paradigm for Development?

Written by  MISEREOR

30 September 2012

Climate-smart Agriculture – A useful paradigm for Development?, Climate change and agriculture 2nd Edition, Paper 1, Misereor, October 2012

Misereor ecognises the key role sustainable farming can play in adapting to and mitigating climate change. In a time when nearly one billion people go hungry while another billion over-consume we are, however, concerned that programmes and actions to support climate-smart agriculture may serve as a backdoor entrance for inappropriate solutions that effectively put food security and the climate at risk. The purpose of this series of papers is to draw attention to worrying policy developments and call for truly sustainable solutions that ensures the right in a warmer world.

Contact: Anika Schroeder, anika.schroeder(at), Misereor
Misereor is CIDSE’s member in Germany

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