Making a Killing - Holding corporations to account for land and human rights violations

Written by  Trócaire

Daniele Volpe
Women from San Pedro Ayampuc & San Jose del Golfo, La Puya, resisting the El Tambor gold mine.
06 March 2019

Trócaire Policy Paper, March 2019.

This report marks the start of a new Trócaire campaign calling for a legally binding global treaty governing business and human rights. We believe this is urgently needed to protect the world’s poorest people and ensure their rights are not discarded in the hunt for profits. We believe that Ireland, north and south, can play a positive role by supporting calls for a legally binding UN treaty to ensure economic activity is consistent with upholding people’s human rights.

This report argues that devastating human rights violations will continue to occur with impunity unless we move beyond voluntary approaches and bring in a legally binding treaty on business and human rights.


Contact: Siobhan Curran - Policy & Advocacy Advisor - Human Rights & Democratic Space (siobhan.curran(at)

Trócaire is CIDSE's member in Ireland.



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