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How to Protect and Expand an Enabling Environment

Space for Civil Society: How to Protect and Expand an Enabling Environment. CIDSE and Act Alliance Analysis and Recommendations, May 2014 (available in EN-ES).

Drawing on the input of their members and partners in the field over the last few years, the faith based networks, ACT Alliance and CIDSE, have been assessing political and social developments that have had an impact on the space for civil society in 4 countries, Rwanda, Colombia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. The aim was to explore CSOs own views on developments in their enabling environment between 2009 and 2013 and to better understand the strategies they use to engage and protect civil society space even in restrictive environments. The overall finding is that CSOs continue to face considerable restrictions, particularly if they are critical of government policy and action.

Contact: Cayetana Carrión, Programme Cooperation Officer, CIDSE

EN – Space for civil Society: How to protect and expand an enabling environment
ES-Spacio para la sociedad civil : Cómo proteger y expandir un entorno propicio para las OSC

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