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Sustainable lifestyles and alternatives, we have the solutions!

Sustainable Lifestyles Workshop, Paris – December 2015

Following December’s workshop on sustainable consumption and production solutions to the current model, this month we launch a map of alternatives from around the world to remind that another world is possible, if we imagine it and work together.





In December 2015, the whole world gathered in Paris to exchange, debate and lobby at the UN Climate Conference (COP21). Seizing such a fantastic opportunity to reflect on our lifestyles and our consumption habits, a group of international supporters from CIDSE member organizations met for a four day program from December 9 – 13, 2015. in the framework of the international campaign “Change for the Planet – Care for the People“. On Thursday 10 December, the workshop Moving towards sustainable lifestyles brought those citizens of the world together. The goal? To hear about powerful and empowering concrete sustainable solutions to our current production and consumption model. A dozen people from Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia and North America shared informally their personal experience towards a just and sustainable world. Organizations against food waste in Spain, a low-carbon-emission community in Switzerland, education and life skills trainings in the Philippines, family farms in rural areas around the world are among the alternatives presented during this workshop: in a few words, very simple and sustainable ways to consider our resources, manage our agriculture and feed ourselves.

With the same objectives as the successful and hopeful French movie Demain, we want to showcase those alternatives and prove to everyone that another world is possible and that we can all easily contribute to it.

To build upon this successful event, not to lose track of these initiatives and give them visibility, we therefore decided to collect and map these alternatives. Each week, one article presenting one of these solutions will be published on this page.

This is for you, you: citizens of the world, to give you hope and joy to build a better and sustainable world.

This initiative was launched and carried out by Inès Bentolila, our former Campaign Officer at CIDSE.


Tour of solutions and alternatives:

1. Stefan Salzmann, Low-carbon emission community (Zurich, Switzerland)

2. Paul Kelly, Living simply, sustainably and in solidarity to care for the planet (United Kingdom)

3. Natalia Lázaro, Making food waste history! (Barcelona, Spain)

4. Pedro Walpole, “Flights for Forests”: Caring for the forests in the Philippines (Philippines)

5. Wolfgang Scharl, Family Farming: An alternative to the current food system (Germany)

6. Margarida Alvim, aTerra Project: Connecting local food systems and communities (Portugal)

7. Anthony de Proft, How to reduce your waste? Prevent, reduce, re-use, recycle! (Belgium)

8. Humberto Ortiz Roca, El Buen Vivir: Alternativas desde América Latina y el Caribe (Peru)


Check out the map of alternatives below:

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