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Together for change: exchanging ideas for a sustainable and fair transition

In the late spring and summer of 2017, a group young volunteers from CIDSE member organizations met in Portugal and Belgium to share, learn and experience hands-on the profound transformation we are called to towards more just and sustainable ways of living, in harmony with nature and respecting people’s livelihoods. Here below their stories and reflections from the camps!




From the 9-11 May, under the lead of FEC, around 25 young supporters from CIDSE member organisations and partners of the campaign Change for the Planet – Care for the People, spent an intense week in the beautiful and peaceful heritage farm Casa Velha. They’re coming from the United Kingdom/CAFOD, Canada/Development &Peace, Slovakia/eRko, Spain/Manos Unidas, and IMCS Pax Romana. The farm provided a conducive space for sharing, learning, growing aware of the challenges we face and the changes we are able to bring, as actors in shaping together alternatives towards fairer, more conscious and sustainable ways of living, addressing climate change, food insecurity and overconsumption. The gathering concluded with a “Walk for Change” to Fatima, a pilgrimage to meet Pope Francis in the context of his visit on 12-13 May.

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At the start of the summer, in Belgium, a group of CAFOD supporters visited the “Wereldkamp 2017”, a yearly camp opened to young adults, families, and children led by Broederlijk Delen. The camp aims to provide a space for people to meet and discuss what’s happening in our world, each year focusing on one topic. This year’s theme – Buen Vivir – explored the importance of recognizing and nourishing a harmonious relationship between people and their environment, living simply and reflecting on how to bring about that change at the individual, societal and political levels. The supporters spent an intense day listening to a local organic farmer, cooking together, learning how to re-use and refurbish materials and live more simply.


Below are some of the reflections from the participants of the sustainable camps:

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1. Step 1 in moving towards more sustainable lifestyles: thinking about the food we eat

     By Kelly Di Domenico

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Selina Hunt


2. Educating for the covenant between humanity and the environment

   By Selina Hunt,  a volunteer at Development and Peace

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Photo 10 05 2017 07 43 30


3. A potential for the Good!

   By Maria Sebastianpillai, a volunteer at Development and Peace  

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4. A covenant between humanity and nature

   By Maria Sebastianpillai, a volunteer at Development and Peace

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5. Small changes make a difference

    By Laura Gascón, a volunteer at Manos Unidas

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Photo 11 05 2017 11 04 58


6. First steps into uprooting

   By Lucia Buj Vicente, a volunteer at Manos Unidas

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casa velha


7. CAFOD volunteers see Laudato Si’ brought to life in Portugal

    By Sandra Iheanacho, a volunteer at CAFOD

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8. Sustainable Stories, a photo-reportage

    By Jason Meehan, a volunteer at CAFOD

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9. An ecological conversion

   By Julia Corcoran, a volunteer at CAFOD

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10. Climate change on a national and international level

     By Kate Eastmond, a volunteer at CAFOD

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Join the conversation online by following the campaign on Facebook and Twitter, through the hashtags #Change4Planet. We also want to hear your story! Share with us your thoughts and reflections on how you are changing and adopting fair and sustainable ways of living. 

Visit the #Together4Change blog 


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