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Believe in change: The Gender Toolkit

The Catholic mandate for gender justice

Catholic Social Teaching is founded on respect for the dignity of humanity and the common good. The implementation of these principles requires that women and men are able to fully exercise all of their human rights. There is systemic inequality worldwide between women and men resulting from attitudes, practices and structures that are discriminatory on the basis of gender.

Given the position of influence of church organisations and faith leaders, they have the opportunity to truly inspire long-lasting, faith-based change that tackles all forms of inequality and injustice based on gender discrimination.

A toolkit for the Catholic community

Recognizing the need for capacity and confidence building at the intersection of gender and faith, CIDSE has published the “Believe in Change” toolkit in three languages – English, Spanish and French. This is a basic resource to understand and address gender equality for organisational staff from church organisations, particularly Catholic church organisations and those who intend to work with church organisations. The case-studies and exercises address the reality and experiences of organisations and actors that CIDSE members and partners work with, mainly in countries in the Global South.

Promote the Gender Toolkit with this introductory leaflet

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