The Principles of Agroecology
03 April 2018

Towards just, resilient and sustainable food systems

This paper is an attempt to clarify what agroecology means, what it looks like and show that, when taken as a whole, agroecology and its various principles can lead to tremendous positive effects in terms of human rights and the right to food. An infographic completes this publication. (Available in EN, ES, FR, GE, IT, NL, PT)

It is published as part of a broader online multimedia dossier which includes related background documentation and video interviews. Our objective is to further develop a joint vision and understanding of agroecology. We will continue our dialogue with partner organisations and allies as well as with decision makers. The document is a living one which will be updated within the next 1.5 year.

Contact: François Delvaux (delvaux(at)

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