Joint reflection on land in Africa


Joint reflection on land in Africa
08 November 2018

An exploration on Laudato Si’s approach to our relationship and responsibility to care for the land and its small-scale food producers. Joint publication by AEFJN – Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network; AFJN – Africa Faith and Justice Network; AFSA – Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa; SECAM – Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar; and RECOWA – Regional Episcopal Conference of West Africa with the support of CIDSE. October 2018.
(Available in EN - ES - FR - PT)


This paper has the purpose to facilitate the opening of a concrete dialogue on land issues with church actors as proposed by the organisers of the conference ‘Land grabbing in Francophone Africa: identifying and promoting endogenous solutions’ organised by the platform ‘Our land is our life’ in Abidjan in November 2017.

It concludes with a call to action under three main premises:
- Upholding the common good, condemning the commodification of the earth
- Standing on the side of the poor
- Heeding the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor



Fr. Chika Onjyejiuwa, AEFJN ()
Fr. Aniedi Okure, AFJN ()
Mr. Famara Diedhiou, AFSA ()
Fr. Joseph Aka, RECOWA ()
Fr. Samuel de Jesus, SECAM ()

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