Addis Ababa Update: Day three and negotiations are finally under way – CIDSE

Addis Ababa Update: Day three and negotiations are finally under way

CSO representatives participating in the Third International Finance for Development Conference in Addis Ababa working together towards a global tax body

Two days after the start of the UN Third International Conference on Financing for Development, negotiations finally kicked off last night (14 July). In spite of the drafting sessions in New York being extended last month, the agenda for Addis Ababa had still not been finalized when the conference began this Monday (13 July). The main point of contention currently being negotiated is the agreement on whether or not there should be an upgrading of the UN Expert Committee on Tax to an intergovernmental tax body.

CIDSE, along with many other civil society organisations (CSOs), has been strongly advocating for an intergovernmental tax body which will allow for more inclusive and sustainable international tax discussions. In collaboration with civil society organizations from around the world, CIDSE signed on to a short FAQ on the tax body, explaining that the tax body should take the form of a Functional Comission under ECOSOC and should be:
1. Intergovernmental
2. Accountable and Transparent
3. Adequately Resourced
4. Have Universal or Near-Universal Membership

The entire international CSO community is working together tirelessly to ensure the best outcome of negotiations. Several campaigns have been carried out to raise awareness and garner support.

A French version of the FAQ document is attached.

Contact person: Jean Saldanha, Senior Policy Advisor: saldanha(at)





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