Climate-Smart Agriculture: the Emperor’s new clothes?
10 September 2015

‘Climate-Smart Agriculture’: the Emperor’s new clothes? - CIDSE Discussion paper, October 2014 (available in EN - ES - FR - PT)

This document argues that there is a real risk with the current concept of ‘climate-smart agriculture’ as being promoted by the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture and other actors of the international community. It also highlights concerns and flaws identified in the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture before suggesting alternative elements and principles which should be at the heart of initiatives truly dedicated to tackling the climate and food crises.

See also CIDSE's article issued on the launch of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture in New York on 23rd September 2014.

- François Delvaux (Food policy), delvaux(at)
- Meera Ghani (Climate policy), ghani(at)

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