Time is running out: bold decisions needed to tackle the climate crisis in a systemic and equitable way


“We must move beyond the mentality of appearing to be concerned but not having the courage needed to produce substantial changes. We know that at this pace in just a few years we will surpass the maximum recommended limit of 1.5° C and shortly thereafter even reach 3° C, with a high risk of arriving at a critical point. … Although the measures that we can take now are costly, the cost will be all the more burdensome the longer we wait.” Pope Francis (LD 56)

The UNFCCC Climate Change Conference (COP28), will take place in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from 30 November to 12 December. A CIDSE delegation will be present, consisting of Secretariat staff and representatives of its member organisations: CAFOD (England & Wales), Fastenaktion (Switzerland), KOO (Austria), Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns (USA), Misereor (Germany), SCIAF (Scotland) and Trócaire (Ireland). They will join partners and allies from the Global South and the Global North to urge world leaders to take bold, transformative decisions by rapidly phasing out all fossil fuels (coal, oil, and gas) and addressing the worsening impacts of climate change, including loss and damages, to address the root causes of climate change.

Inspired by Laudate Deum, Pope Francis’ recent exhortation to all people of good will on the climate crisis, and reinforced by his presence in Dubai, CIDSE is working closely with other Catholic actors such as Caritas Internationalis and the Laudato Si’ Movement to make the Catholic voice heard at COP28. The interfaith movement in addressing the climate emergency will also be highlighted in the ‘Faith Pavilion’, the first of its kind organised at a UNFCCC Conference of the Parties. CIDSE will join activities organised at the Faith Pavilion.


Global Stocktake (GST) of national governments’ progress in meeting the Paris Agreement’s emission reduction targets: transparent outcome
Loss and Damage: operationalisation of the Loss and Damage Fund and addressing Non-Economic Loss and Damage (NELDs)
Fossil Fuel Phase Out: rapid, just and equitable global phase-out of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) and transition to renewable energies
Food and Agriculture: increased recognition of agroecology as an effective approach to climate action

More details:
– ‘Towards a responsible First Global Stocktake. Towards the common good‘, CIDSE, Misereor and Fastenaktion position
– ‘Making the Loss and Damage Fund accessible for vulnerable communities and civil society‘, CIDSE briefing paper
CIDSE COP28 position on Food and Agriculture


THU 30 November
Informal Interfaith Gathering in the Spirit of Talanoa Dialogue @COP28‘, 15:30 – 20:00 local time, Christ Church and online organised by the Interfaith Liaison Committee to the UNFCCC

SAT 2 December
Official handover of the Faith Leaders’ statement, ‘Loss and Damage: the moral case of action’, 14:30-15:00 local time, Faith Pavilion. Co-organised by Caritas Internationalis, CIDSE, Laudato Si Movement and SCIAF. Read Press Release.

MON 4 December
The 2023 Fair Shares Deficit’, official launch of Civil Society Equity review of the NDCs and 2035 Mitigation Fair Shares, 15:00-16:30 local time, Zone B6, Building B2, Side Event Room 9. See REPORT.

TUE 5 December
– Official side event: ‘Addressing Non-Economic Loss & Damages through a shared understanding of Human Development & Ecology‘, 13:15 – 14:45 local time, SE Room 7, Blue Zone, Expo City. Co-sponsors: Caritas Internationalis, Holy See

– Official side event: Loss and Damage Fund: What next?, 15:00-16:30 local time, Zone B6, Building 85; Side Event Room 7, Blue Zone, Expo City. Co-sponsors: CIDSE, ActionAid International, Christian Aid, KOO, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, SCIAF – Livestream link

– Official side event: ‘Fuelling the Climate Crisis in the Name of Development? Fossil fuel investments and the need for a fair fossil fuel phase-out‘, 18:30-20:00 local time, German Pavilion. Co-sponsors: BUND-Friends of the Earth Germany, Misereor, Deutsche Umwelthilfe – Livestream link

WED 6 December
Side event: ‘Increasing trust and transparency for a socially just energy transition under the Paris Agreement‘, 14:30-15:15 local time, Faith Pavilion, Blue Zone, Expo City. Co-sponsors: CIDSE, Fastenaktion, Misereor. Livestream link.

SAT 9 December
– Global climate march

– Side event: ‘Faith in action for climate justice in addressing Loss and Damage’: 14:30-15:30 local time, Faith Pavilion, Blue Zone, Expo City. Co-sponsors: CIDSE, Church of Sweden, Christian Aid KOO, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, SCIAF. This event will be livestreamed.


‘The 2023 Fair Shares Deficit – A Civil Society Equity Review of the NDCs and 2035 Mitigation Fair Shares’ and ‘An Equitable Phase Out of Fossil Fuel Extraction- Towards a reference framework for a fair and rapid global phaseout’, Civil Society Equity Review 2023 reports, December 2023

Faith leaders statement on Loss and Damage: the moral case for action‘, October 2023

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Den Ausstieg aus den fossilen Energien auf der COP28 zum Fakt machen‘, Misereor blog, November 2023

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– Lydia Machaka, Climate justice & Energy Officer (machaka(at)
– Manny Yap, Food and Land Officer (yap(at)
– Carmen Contreras, Communications Officer (contreras(at)

Cover photo: credit CIDSE

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